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Early Parenthood: It can be harder than you thought, but better than you thought possible.

Expecting, or have a newborn?

Now is the time to create healthy habits from the start and prevent new parent burn-out before it weighs you down. Whether you are planning, expecting, or just became parents, the greatest gift you can give your baby is confident, relaxed parents.

Have a toddler 1 – 2 years old?

Toddlerhood is all about power and exploration, which is challenging for even the most patient parent. You need to adapt to your child’s budding independence, while making sure you’re taking good care of your own needs.

Have an infant up to 12 months?

Infancy is about constant, rapid change - for ourselves, or relationships, and our baby. You may be stressed about sleep, feeding, schedules or going back to work. Get help balancing the whole family’s needs and navigating the shifts as they come.

Have a Preschooler 3 – 5 years old?

Your child is much more complicated, engaging with the world in new ways, and may even have a sibling by now! As you child matures, power struggles become more challenging. You also have more freedom to put energy into yourself.

Jessica’s approach was exactly what I needed. She listened before she prescribed, and she didn’t make unrealistic, one-size fits all promises. She empowered me with information and support, and she proactively checked in on me during our process.

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Enter your email and I will send you my Essential Guide to the 3 Core Skills That Every Parent Needs plus weekly emails with research-based parenting strategies and special invitations. I’m here to help!

About Dr. Jessica

Dr. Jessica Michaelson founded Early Parenthood Support with a mission to help parents achieve greater satisfaction in their lives and learn to enjoy their children even more. Her approach helps parents rid themselves of guilt, shame and other harmful feelings so that they can be free to be the parent they want to be. Dr. Jessica’s clients receive wrap around support through one-on-one coaching sessions, research-based resources and daily online journal communications, to foster the confidence they need to address the real life challenges of the critical early years.